Welcome to Croswell-Lexington High School
Principal - Ryan Cayce
Assistant Principal - Caran Reinowski

Croswell-Lexington is a high performing high school located on the east side of Michigan’s thumb on Lake Huron.  Our rural community has the highest of expectations for our students both morally and academically.  Two elementary schools, one middle, one 800-student high school, and an Early College makes our district the perfect size. We like to say that we are "large enough to serve, yet small enough to care" … and it shows.  We were recently honored by the Michigan Department of Education as a “Reward School” indicating our students performed in the top 5 percent of all schools in Michigan.

Our students learn in a state-of-the-art facility, completely renovated in 2011, designed to foster a culture of collegiate academia.  Our trimester schedule allows students unique opportunities including our early college (CL5) program, a full array of Advanced Placement classes, foreign language including Mandarin Chinese, 21st century digital technology, and the fine arts.  All of our students are issued iPads and our school is transitioning to a 21st Century academic environment.  At Croswell-Lexington it’s cool to take rigorous classes and our goal is for students to be globally competitive when they leave us.

Mission Statement
In order to assist students in reaching their potential and encourage the highest level of educational achievement, we will develop the skills needed to succeed in life and be productive members of society. We will achieve this through the educational efforts of our students, faculty, and community resources.

We, as a staff, are willing to give whatever services are necessary so that our students taste success. We believe each student has the ability to learn. We work hard to solve problems that create barriers to achievement for individual students. We are proud of the progress that we have made in this area, and expect that we will continue to improve performance in this area.